Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Weigh ins--Literal and Figurative

Okay, I'll admit I had high expectations for my first weigh in post cruise/slow burn revitalization. Imagine my disappointment when I got on the scale and saw a 3.2 lb loss for week one. What? I gave up soda, most cheese, all nuts and what few carbs I had been eating for this? Yup. At one point in the week I was down 5 lbs and thought quite possibly that great things might be in store. Oh well. Such is life and after 3 years on this way of life I've come to expect the unexpected. By the way, my 3 year anniversary of starting Atkins happened while I was on the low carb cruise this year. How cool is that? Too bad I didn't remember until I got home!

So much for the literal. Now onto the figurative weigh in.

I decided to stop in at our diabetes screening booth today. My blood sugar was 97 two hours after breakfast. The diabetes educator told me how good it was. I of course credited my LC lifestyle for saving my life (it's true!) and was told I couldn't do LC long term because it will "ruin" my body. I told her there are many studies out there and schools of thought to which she replied, "I know, that's MY job." Well thanks for nothing! I said something to the effect of To Each His Own, yada, yada but for me it has improved my health drastically. If by "ruining" my body I get no diabetes, no heart disease, no GERD, and am able to maintain my weight then sign me up! It remains to be seen, but I for one will be trusting my instincts--and my body--on this one.


  1. My doctor pretty much agrees with your "specialist".

    Checkout what a real cardiologist thinks about carbs:


    He has a very good web-site as well.


  2. Thanks Bob. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Davis last month on the low carb cruise. Great guy!